Zelfium Influencer Program (ZIP)

This document was last updated on Apr 18, 2020

Inviting friends is key to the Zelfium revolution. The more people discover their innate uniqueness, the better it is for everyone to coexist in this world!

Inviting friends is easy, you can invite by just sharing your result link (copy & paste url). For your invites to count, your friends need to sign up on Zelfium. Per one person, 1000 Z-points will be added to your account! You can earn the invite reward multiple times, so just invite more friends!

Since you are automatically asigned to every program without any demerits for users, you also join Zelfium Automatic Affiliate Program (ZAAP). The program offers you a right to receive 5 to 20% of outcome by Zelfium Premium Reports accomplished through your direct invite to your friends. The proportion of outcome share depends on your rank status. Check the details below.

We always conduct different programs to reward you for spreading the word about Zelfium, and we're always testing out new ones. This is why these programs are assigned automatically to you, as more than just a fair "Thank you"!