This document was last updated on January 01, 2020

What is the Theoretical Basis?

Zelfium is the A.I. Driven Scientific Model of Seven-Factor Personality. We have developed the theoretical framework through machine learning open-licensed psychometric personality factors, which are the Five-Factor Model and Dual Process Decision-making Theory. As scientists do, our A.I. keeps learning all the explainable factors and correlations of observable human behaviors. Then we have discovered there are specific categories of personality scales from small to large ones, and cleaned all the distinctions and opened the model as Zelfium for free.

How can I begin the test?

Sign up with your email address and password, then Go!

How can I share my result with others?

Copy and Paste your test result's URL!

Do I have to pay any additional fees for content updates?

No! FOREVER FREE! You might need to take a new test as the test format changes, but we will let you know!

Are you planning to open the Zelfium researches?

Yes and No. We have some academic researchers, who offered us developmental supports, working with us right now in Japan, but for keeping the core algorithms, systems, and data secure, we are not planning to make the researches on public. Unfortunately, there is a large risk to be stolen and used for other services, which happened once. If you are interested to work with us for academic purposes, please contact us by contact@zelfium.com.